July 09, 2008

A quick housekeeping note

Just a thought: If you’re not into the links I share here, that’s fine.  Please don’t feel compelled to take time out of your day (and mine) to write in and say so.  Just ignore the stuff, as plenty of others seem to find it interesting.  (I don’t know why this gets under my skin so much, but I’m amazed that people devote energy to writing "You suck."  It’s like the "F You" bits in Catcher in the Rye.  They’re gonna write it on my tombstone.)

Incidentally, in the last seven days I’ve posted a very long post about the future of Photoshop; news about Apple fixes that affect CS apps and Flash Player speed-ups, insight into the Lightroom UI, and more. It’s not *all* just stuff I steal from Kottke et al. >;-P

[Update: Thanks for all the kind comments. The flow of ephemera will continue, though I’ll look into whether our blog server can support multiple RSS feeds per blog. That way I could separate the links from the more strictly Photoshop-/Adobe-related content, and you could subscribe to one, both, or neither. –J.]

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Wednesday Illustrations: Smoke, fire, and floods

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