July 12, 2008

Charging bulls, lasered Radiohead, and more

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iPhone photo apps: Floodgates open

I’m having fun slacking er, conducting important digital imaging research, starting to explore photography-oriented iPhone apps:


  • The free PangeaVR offers amazingly smooth panorama display and navigation.
  • Exposure (paid or ad-supported) promises to let you put "2 billion photos in your pocket," letting you browse Flickr from your handheld.  Groovy bonus point: it’ll show you images geotagged to locations near you.
  • Clowdy promises easy & free photoblogging.


Unfortunately for the capture-and-upload scenario, the camera in the iPhone is pretty rudimentary.  Doesn’t it seem like someone should build a wireless hookup between the phone & dedicated cameras?  That way you could, for example, put an Eye-Fi memory card into your camera of choice, then upload shots via the phone in your pocket?  Maybe that’s a solution in search of a problem, though, or maybe it would just kill your battery.


If you come across any particularly good or noteworthy apps, feel free to post your experiences here.

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