July 09, 2008

A quick housekeeping note

Just a thought: If you’re not into the links I share here, that’s fine.  Please don’t feel compelled to take time out of your day (and mine) to write in and say so.  Just ignore the stuff, as plenty of others seem to find it interesting.  (I don’t know why this gets under my skin so much, but I’m amazed that people devote energy to writing "You suck."  It’s like the "F You" bits in Catcher in the Rye.  They’re gonna write it on my tombstone.)

Incidentally, in the last seven days I’ve posted a very long post about the future of Photoshop; news about Apple fixes that affect CS apps and Flash Player speed-ups, insight into the Lightroom UI, and more. It’s not *all* just stuff I steal from Kottke et al. >;-P

[Update: Thanks for all the kind comments. The flow of ephemera will continue, though I’ll look into whether our blog server can support multiple RSS feeds per blog. That way I could separate the links from the more strictly Photoshop-/Adobe-related content, and you could subscribe to one, both, or neither. –J.]

Posted by John Nack at 9:32 AM on July 09, 2008


  • William Beem — 9:50 AM on July 09, 2008

    Outstanding! Here’s the part that amazes me. If they think you suck, what does it say about them for continuing to read your posts?
    [Heh–that occurred to me, too. –J.]

  • Mark Thomas — 10:04 AM on July 09, 2008

    I’ve given you a lot of grief, but I for one really dig your site, and the more random and surprising the links are, the better. I’ve passed many of your links along to others. So just ignore the voices of discontent, including mine. Or at least take it all with a grain of salt. And keep posting the links!
    [Thanks, Mark. For the record, there’s a big difference between disagreeing & being disagreeable, and I appreciate your engagement. –J.]

  • Rob — 10:30 AM on July 09, 2008

    Many of us enjoy the links, and most of us don’t think you suck. It’s like the story of the college president who suffered a heart attack. The faculty voted to wish him a speedy recovery; the motion passed 83-20.

  • Jason — 10:38 AM on July 09, 2008

    I am grateful for your posts. Please keep up the good work!

  • Robin — 10:56 AM on July 09, 2008

    Hi, I never felt the need to reply to one of your posts, but let me assure you I check your blog on a daily basis, even despite being subscribed to the RSS-feed :). People who give you grief are fools! Keep this stuff up!

  • Nat Brown — 11:01 AM on July 09, 2008

    I’ve heard it said that it takes five good words to offset one bad word.
    I love the links.
    I love the links.
    I love the links.
    I love the links.
    I love the links.
    Hopefully that will lay to rest at least one “F You.”
    Keep up the good work. My morning coffee would not be the same without your blog. I’ll bet that I’m not alone.

  • Nick — 11:12 AM on July 09, 2008

    Keep up the good work John, I love the posts and links. Saw you last year at an Adobe do in London, meant to tell you how much I enjoy the blog then but didn’t. So ‘thank you’ now. All the best.

  • Daniel David — 11:13 AM on July 09, 2008

    In kindergarten there used to be two types of kids: the ones who enjoyed building sandcastles, and the ones who enjoyed kicking them (the sandcastles that is, at least mostly) over. I’d reckon it’s not worth listening to the latter type. Big thumbs up for the site, I for one enjoy it a lot. Cheers.

  • Spammed — 11:20 AM on July 09, 2008

    John, you don’t suck, the posts you write are great. Its the link noise that bothers me.
    [I hear you. Your message had the misfortune of arriving just as some guy was cursing me out for not providing even more free tips. –J.]
    If others find that interesting, a way to filter it out wouldn’t be too hard. Assign categories to posts and have separate rss for categories. WordPress has these features and your blogging software might have it too.
    [I hear you, and it’s actually a good request. Unfortunately our blog server is really rickety, and our planned migration to a new one keeps getting put off. In the meantime I’ll look to see whether there’s a way to do what you suggest. –J.]

  • Woz — 11:25 AM on July 09, 2008

    Hi John, love your posts! Would you mind if I added the titles from your RSS-feed on my page? I run a Dutch prepress site that’s about to go English…

  • Ray K — 11:56 AM on July 09, 2008

    I for one appreciate everything that you have done on this site. The links are some of the best parts of your posts, they inspire and educate, at the worst they sometimes show me things that I don’t want to try. Ignore the static to many want more when they should appreciate the things they do get. Especially given the amount of time and effort that goes into your blog (for Free). Keep up the good work.

  • Ken — 12:08 PM on July 09, 2008

    My wife says I suck,,,,which after 45 years with me is somewhat of a compliment.
    But you and your blog don’t suck

  • amp — 12:11 PM on July 09, 2008

    Another ‘yes’ vote here. Your posts are brilliant and I look forward to the links. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog to make it educational *and* entertaining.

  • Nate — 12:29 PM on July 09, 2008

    John! You RULE! I love your posts!
    (longtime listener, first time caller;)

  • Dave Sizer — 12:35 PM on July 09, 2008

    Hey John,
    Just like Donnie Hoyle, you DON’T Suck at Photoshop! Keep up the great posts and the more obscure, the better!

  • Steve Laskevitch — 12:36 PM on July 09, 2008

    your blog, the only one I read daily, hell, at all, is the break in my hellishly busy day. Alright, I do know your days are even more full, but all of us know you don’t sleep. when would ya?
    Thanks for the marvelous read and links. and that Photoshop thing doesn’t suck, either.

  • Lynnea Kleinschmidt — 12:39 PM on July 09, 2008

    I’m on your side, Jack. I have the choice to look at the links or not. I read your posts every day.

  • Craig — 12:51 PM on July 09, 2008

    What? The links ARE your posts. Of course the witty presentation helps : ) but it’s your research efforts that keep me coming back daily.
    If the link noise really bothers a lot of people you could put a simple CSS style switcher. One click and the links turn to black underline.

  • keith — 1:06 PM on July 09, 2008

    You post such a variety of interesting bits. I’m guessing your fans outnumber the others. I remember back in the (pre stroller daze) when you were about the only active poster on the Adobe blog.
    And you’ve built up a following of photoshoppers which is great.
    As for the others, they don’t deserve a mention. Just keep the large clone stamp’r at the ready.
    Thanks again.

  • Jennifer Apple — 1:22 PM on July 09, 2008

    Hail The Conquering Product Manager!
    I don’t just love the posts, I love your titles and your crazy references. You’re a jazz blogger, always riffing creatively on how things connect in the design/digital photography world. We need more of your amazing link trips through the web, not less. MORE!

  • Adam W. — 1:52 PM on July 09, 2008

    I love this blog. It saves me from having to read 10 others to get such an eclectic mix of interesting material. Please don’t let the loud few get you down.

  • Delos — 2:32 PM on July 09, 2008

    Please! Ignore the naysayers. Your links are usually the highlight of my morning and are frequently shared with friends and family. One day I should really tell them where they come from…ummm…nah.

  • sam — 2:53 PM on July 09, 2008

    Very first time for a post, but most certainly not the first time I read your blog. Great linkage, as everybody before me already stated. Negativity is so easy…Keep it up !

  • Kenny McLean — 3:05 PM on July 09, 2008

    Hi John,
    Just feel I’ve got to add something for all those ‘people’ out there who think you suck.
    I visit/rss 77 blogs at the last count.
    most of them are skimmed through quickly because I’ve got them graded.
    yours is one of the five i keep ’til the very end because I know I’m going to enjoy whatever is on there.
    you’re definitely one of my five fave’s

  • Matthew Keefe — 6:04 PM on July 09, 2008

    John – Don’t change a thing I have always enjoyed your wide array of links, postings and commentary.
    Oh and your up to the minute news, surrounding Adobe and tech in general.

  • peter riches — 7:15 PM on July 09, 2008

    John thanks for all the time you spend informing us. I think sometimes we what Photoshop to do all the hard work and this leads to a lack of exploration. We then tend to think of the shop as a cash cow and not a creative tool that we have to struggle with to hate, love and through stuff at, to be emotional towards.
    Are we ever going to have the ability to create guides in photoshop as we do in Illustrator?? Love the blog thanks again PS when are you going to come to Australia again?????????????

  • JonPad — 7:39 PM on July 09, 2008

    Don’t people know how to behave on the internet? Here’s a quick lesson
    Keep the posts coming, but don’t feed the troll.

  • A. Dias — 8:56 PM on July 09, 2008

    Are you saying that people come out of nowhere, peruse your blog and complain about the free and useful content you offer? Funny thing this Internet crowd!

  • Rich Gibson — 9:38 PM on July 09, 2008

    Please continue to write about what YOU want to write about and what YOU find interesting… if the rest of us like (and most of us do), then we can read it… if some don’t, then by all means go google some of the hundreds of thousands of other blogs available. Bashing someone for posting what they find interesting is certifiably insane (I wonder if the critics find my critique acceptable… hmmmmm). Just keeping doing what you’re doing… I for one love the fact that the Photoshop product manager is so wonderfully open about Adobe, the product, and everything that is going on in this great big graphical world of ours. Sometimes we actually evolve in the right direction…

  • Ken King — 12:17 AM on July 10, 2008

    I’m having trouble printing to a HP C7180 Photosmart Printer.
    If I let Photoshop control the printing a red red rose prints pink.
    If I let the printer control the print the color comes out red but muted.
    If I capture the screen with cntrl prin-scrn to the clipboard and paste into a WordPerfect or Acrobat pdf the colors are are red and print perfectly. I also used Bridges slideshow full screen display to cntrl prnt-scrn to the clipboard.
    Why does the clipboard work and the Photoshop and HP printing control not work?
    I’ve searched the web and looked at all the books I can find to try to understand what’s going on and see if I can fix.
    Ken – exasperated in printland

  • FrostBlue — 2:39 AM on July 10, 2008

    This blog is one of my breakfast ones.I appreciate all the stuff over here.The random links are pretty interesting and the Photoshop stuff is great.Keep up the good work.

  • Jeff Franzen — 3:21 AM on July 10, 2008

    Outstanding work on your part – your the only blog (and links) I check daily.
    Ignore the critics and keep up the great work.

  • Petra — 9:00 AM on July 10, 2008

    Don’t change a thing! I save more of your links than from any place else, and the blog just as it is is my first techie read of the day. Keep it up!

  • Naomi Murphy — 9:12 AM on July 11, 2008

    You know, it seems to me if folks don’t like the content of your blog, they should not visit. Don’t change anything. Even if there is a post that is not of interest, subscribers can just skim and delete. Thanks for all the info you provide. What a commitment of time and effort!

  • Eddy — 10:11 AM on July 11, 2008

    John, please continue the wonderful work. As a college professor in graphic and media arts, I find your blog a wonderful resource for our audience, from students to professors. Do not change a thing! Quite often I find myself sharing with students the wonderful links you stumble on– with proper credit given to you ;).

  • Ian — 12:08 PM on July 11, 2008

    I initially started reading your blog to keep abreast of everything Adobe and industry related. However, I now find myself more interested in the off-topic, obscure links you somehow find. I am constantly forwarding your blog or the links to others. Keep it up.

  • Jack Reznicki — 8:08 PM on July 11, 2008

    Dear John,
    Just remember that dogs don’t bark at parked cars.
    I can tell you from long experience, if you’re not ticking someone off, you’re boring. And you dear friend are as far from boring as one can get.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the next convention.
    Jack Reznicki

  • Thomas — 6:07 PM on September 21, 2008

    You Suck!

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