July 03, 2008

JNack: Public Enemy

This is your PM…

This is your PM after being busted following an all-night meth bender…


Lightroom team member Kelly Castro has been continuing his "Exteriors" project (see the whole collection), photographing people at Adobe & elsewhere.  On Monday he got me into the team’s on-site photo studio for a shoot*.  If you’re into this style, check out the info that Kelly & Bryan O’Neil Hughes put together on generating killer B&W using Photoshop + Lightroom.  (Kelly also created a color version of my portrait, in which I have the healthy glow of a Barbecue Pringle.)


In other photo news:



*These little photo projects tend to turn funky, ranging from foolish to beatific to vainglorious. (Take that, Eddie Murphy.)

Posted by John Nack at 11:31 AM on July 03, 2008


  • Harry Boner — 12:28 PM on July 03, 2008

    “photographing people at Adobe & elsewhere”
    Any women at Adobe or elsewhere? I get the feeling I’m looking at a bunch of mug shots of “Johns”…
    [I think they’re all way too smart to let themselves be shown in this pore-expanding light. ;-) –J.]

  • Ken — 12:35 PM on July 03, 2008

    Gee you guys at adobe remind me of the movie “On the waterfront” starring Marlon Brando and The Bank Job (2008)
    When you guys rob the next bank in San Fransisco, I will be your parson, then send me a tithe of 10% and I will pray or visit depending on much you steal and don’t get caught!
    Kind regards

  • earth — 2:03 PM on July 03, 2008

    Nice photo of you there, but the color is way too bbq. I’m a big fan of the high-pass technique, but never apply the soft light without a desaturate!
    With Mark and George now gone from the LR team, who have we left for vision? I’m worried.

  • Doug Nelson — 8:40 PM on July 03, 2008

    Perhaps you should post some rights-released RAW files of yourself, similar to what Russell Brown used to. For people to have their way with :)
    Hundreds of before/after images get posted to my website every week, but the hardest thing to get is released portraits (at least well-made released portraits).

  • Andrew Webb — 10:10 PM on July 03, 2008

    I think Kelly’s shots are fantastic. And hey, he could have done this to you: http://www.webbtransfer.com/transfer/SR_jn_color_burn.jpg
    I did a series of portraits of my family this way and the only person who didn’t complain was my grandmother.

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