July 02, 2008

On Democracy & Hockey Pucks

Our friend Scott Kelby has been posting some interesting surveys to determine what his readers would like to see in future versions of Photoshop.  Now I’ve replied to some of those thoughts in a guest blog post on his site.


Also, on the extremely off chance you aren’t already hearing enough from me, Harris Fogel of Mac Edition Radio has posted the interview we recorded back at Photoshop World.  (The secret to my maintaining this blog?  Gross dereliction of other work duties.)

Posted by John Nack at 11:08 AM on July 02, 2008


  • keith — 12:36 PM on July 02, 2008

    Presume your blogging secrets (so many posts) has to do with a staff of about 12 full time employees who sift & sort thru all the coolest info bits?

  • Ken — 1:53 PM on July 02, 2008

    Bravo Jack with a Nack,
    Fast is faster…..go on and rock on with more speed…that’s me. I have the patience of a chipmunk.
    With all that you said…….wow I love speed….It’s like this, I got the monkey off my back, but I got the circus in my head…..so keep it simple….to a guy (me) who can complicate a strait pin.
    I love power and speed
    Ken from KY

  • Klaus Nordby — 4:10 PM on July 02, 2008

    I read your guest blog for Kelby earlier today, and I just want to compliment you on a fascinating and well-reasoned piece! I’ve myself long snorted contemptuously at the inane “the customer is always right” idea — which has only a rather modest and narrow validity, at best. The Henry Ford quote you cited, as well as your own points regarding Undo/History, etc., perfectly capture why the Bigger Truth in Life is that “the customer is always wrong” — sort of. So keep up the good work John, you’re doing just fine in your various public activities — so says this Norwegian customer!
    [Thanks, Klaus. –J.]

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