July 23, 2008

War, suicide, fire… and t-shirts

Mid-week photography:


  • Death & destruction:
    • Photojournalist Warren Zinn reflects on the photo that made Army medic Joseph Dwyer famous, and wonders whether it contributed to the troubled vet’s death last month.
    • Kottke features the disarmingly placid image Robert Wiles captured immediately after Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building in 1947.  (Warhol later made it into a print.)
    • The Big Picture features some spectacular wildfire imagery from recent California blazes.
  • Find giclée paseé? Try printing on grass instead.  (Just don’t ask us to soft-proof it.)  [Via Doug Nelson]
  • Beware sketchy, sketchy photogs.
  • I never saw them while living in snowy Illinois, Boston, or NY, but CA roads are full of stick-on "Botts dots."  They’re now available as part of a complete breakfast.
  • Make mine intermediated: Photo nation.

Posted by John Nack at 9:56 PM on July 23, 2008


  • Doug Nelson — 1:09 AM on July 24, 2008

    If you won’t soft-proof the grass, they’ll need a Pantone colorimeter for it

  • Ken — 7:04 AM on July 24, 2008

    If you have time…..
    I am being asked to shoot real estate for some agents.
    I would like to use lightroom or the plug in with bridge to create a slideshow as added value. Is there a way to add more text than is available on templates?
    I would need name address location, price, how many bedrooms,etc etc.
    There are a lot of 3 party apps most web based that in my view “hokie” and do not have a nice curb appeal.
    I have a web site that I can add multiple links “tours” of homes.
    Seems like a market worth tapping into, but my skills are not in programming.
    I created this test site using lightroom. http://www.kblawson.com/horsefarm/index.html of a property. By the way, buy this for 1.8 million, 10 acres 5,000 sq ft home and loads of buildings, plus the winner of the Arkansas Derby,( horse not included) but photo is, lol
    Ken in KY

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