September 08, 2008

PS World keynote features more sneaks

Adobe’s Terry White traveled to Photoshop World and recorded a video podcast of the keynote presentation, during which Adobe VP Johnny Loiacono and I offered some sneak peeks of the next version of Photoshop, as well as a few Adobe Labs projects expected to follow closely behind the new release. [Via]  Photographer, artist, and author John Paul Caponigro summarized the demos, and the Photoshop-specific content starts around the 16-minute mark, running 20 minutes or so.

Posted by John Nack at 12:45 PM on September 08, 2008


  • Cresta — 4:35 PM on September 08, 2008

    WOW John! Thanks for the link – where do I send the milk & cookies? ;) Now I’m really excited to see the new features!

  • Penny — 6:29 PM on September 08, 2008

    Sincere congratulations on your induction into the PSW Hall of Fame. And I believe you have more than a “marginally” pretty face.

  • Luis Garcia — 8:07 AM on September 09, 2008


  • Marc — 8:59 AM on September 09, 2008

    Exciting features.
    The 3D seems very slow though. Is it the OpenGL or on the Photoshop side of things? Or just because it wasn’t completely done at the time of the presentation?
    I’m sure i’m comparing apples to oranges here but it would be great to see Adobe coming up with a real 3D texturing and paint integration in Photoshop similiar to Maxon’s Bodypaint and with that i mean the speed too.

  • chris — 12:42 PM on September 09, 2008

    man, the audio is really poor. I hate for my first post to be a complaint, but will the podcast be reuploaded with better audio?
    [The NAPP folks might have something like that planned, as they were on hand with really nice cameras and audio equipment, but offhand I don’t know what they’ve got in mind. –J.]

  • JonPad — 2:14 PM on September 09, 2008

    I have to admit, I drooled with geeky delight. Some of my disgruntled co-workers grumbled “oh great! a bunch of cool features we’ll never learn to use…”
    I saw a prototype of moving lenticulars, a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to try and make some of my own.

  • Alessandro Rosa — 3:38 PM on September 09, 2008

    Hi John,
    Some really cool stuff in the Keynote.
    Usually when a software title ships, only the Minimum System Requirements are listed. Is there any way that Adobe (or you) could also post a Recommended and Optimal System Requirements as well? This would be especially helpful in the area of Video Cards as usually this is a realm that only gamers are truly conversant in.
    It would be great as well if Adobe could partner with Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple to put together system packages optimized for functionality. So if I am a photographer and don’t think I will ever be rendering a full length HD movie on my system, but want to have optimal performance for PS and LR and possibly Flash rendering, then this would be the system I would order.
    This would be very helpful and cost effective as I wouldn’t “overbuy” a system and could get one that wouldn’t cause a brownout in my neighborhood when I turned it on. ;-)

  • Dave Catley — 8:23 PM on September 10, 2008

    Hi John,
    Just watched the podcast and there’s some pretty amazing stuff on the way, can’t wait for the CS.Next Creative Suites to be announced. I have just switched to Vista 64bit so I’m especially excited about the potential performance improvememnts coming up.
    Not sure if you can answer a question like this but I am about to purchase Lightroom 2 and I was wondering if it is likely to be bundled in any of the upcoming Creative Suites (I currently use CS3 Design Premium) and if so will people who buy it standalone now get any kind of special upgrade to compensate for buying it twice?

  • Bernard Custard — 1:38 AM on September 11, 2008

    Great presentation. Congratulations. For my part, I think the new version of Photoshop will help workflow even more, especially the 3D function for panoramas you mention i.e equirectangular. The question is this; apart from pasting and adding objects as you show in your example, you are able to clone in layers and retouch without any problem.
    For all of us involved in 360º panoramic photography it is a bit of a pain making cubes from an equirectangular picture, retouch the planes, and do it equirectangular again. With this new function, it is supposed that we can retouch directly the an equirectangular mage and view the result in 360º without having to change it to a cube, retouch and do it again equirectangular.
    I’m not sure if I’ve made myself understood. When I say retouch, I mean in layers, with healing brush, cloning stamp and all the available tools for retouching.

  • Klaus Nordby — 8:05 AM on September 11, 2008

    John, could you comment on whether the new GPU acceleration stuff is vendor-specific, like nVidia-only — i.e., if the PS code is CUDA-only, or if also AMD/ATI GPUs will accelerate filters and screen redraws equally well?

  • Mauricio Orozco — 4:56 PM on September 11, 2008

    I’m not sure if this is the place to mention it but in the thank you page for signup for CS4 event, the link to iCal and Outlook didn’t work for me. I’m on a Mac using Safari on Leopard.
    By the way congratulations and thank you for your work and your blog. Great resource!
    [Thanks. :-) –J.]

  • James B Smith — 1:08 PM on September 17, 2008

    While I will reserve judgement till after the announcement, the initial news would seem to be disappointing on CS4:
    [So, they basically say nothing (besides citing some unnamed “person in the know”), and people regard this as credible? Why? It’s like saying, “61% of statistics are made up.” –J.]

  • Ramón G Castañeda — 5:43 PM on September 17, 2008

    With all the emphasis on Flash in CS4, it’s fair to ask whether the programmers are aware of the fact that Flash effectively turns all images that have an embedded color profile into untagged images.
    [Not for long. –J.]
    See this thread in the Adobe Photography forum, which includes a link to a much longer thread in the Adobe Photoshop Macintosh forum:

  • Ramón G Castañeda — 6:15 PM on September 17, 2008

    Good to hear! Thank you.

  • David — 9:06 PM on September 17, 2008

    The Amazon Photoshop CS4 upgrade page looks pretty credible to me.
    Looks like a pretty significant update, too!

  • Ann Shelbourne — 9:42 PM on September 17, 2008

    >Flash effectively turns all images that have an embedded color profile into untagged images>
    >[Not for long. –J.]
    Thank you for getting on the case so quickly on this issue John.
    The advent of the new Wide-Gamut (Adobe RGB) Monitors has made non-color-managed Flash into a major issue for Photographers who use the Adobe Web Galleries to show-case their work.

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