October 28, 2008

Get better color online through Flash Player 10

Let’s not mince words: Presenting your images through Flash is now the best way to preserve the fidelity of their color online.


Support for color management is in Web browsers is rare (only Safari supports it by default, and the IE team is apparently missing in action).  Color management thus can’t be counted on from browsers, and images display differently in different browsers. Flash Player, on the other hand, is ubiquitous, consistent, and reliable–and now in Flash Player 10 it offers basic color management support.  It’ll take a little while for the new FP10 to proliferate, but this is a huge step forward.  Color mgmt. in Flash will finally put an end to colors shifting when you move from PS to Flash.


I’ve asked Adobe color management expert Peter Constable to provide further details.  For those, read on.  For my take on why Web designers should give a damn about this stuff, see previous.


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Me & Woz, down by the schoolyard

Quick–which of the following doesn’t seem to belong?


Somehow I’ve gotten tapped to serve as a judge with these guys for a digital art contest connected to Macworld:


The Macworld Conference and Expo Digital Art Gallery is now accepting artwork submissions. Images chosen will be exhibited at Macworld being held at Moscone Center in San Francisco January 6-9, 2009.


This competition is open to all Macintosh digital artists in the United States and the cost to enter is $20.00 per artist with a 3-image limit. Artists may enter in either the Student or Hobbyist/Professional category.


I’m kind of tripped out (and flattered) to have any association, however tangential, with a guy whose signature adorned the Apple IIgs after which I lusted in 7th grade.  If the contest is up your alley, don’t delay: the deadline to enter is this Friday, Oct. 31.  More details are on the site.

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