October 04, 2008

Last chance to move up from PS7

With the CS3 product cycle, Adobe instituted a "3 versions back" policy on upgrades.  That is, you can upgrade to the current version of Adobe tools from any version up to three versions back.  In the case of CS3 that meant Photoshop 7, CS, and CS2.  With CS4 it’s of course CS through CS3.  The upshot is that if you want to upgrade from Photoshop 7, the window is closing, and you’ve got until October 15 to do so.

Posted by John Nack at 1:41 PM on October 04, 2008


  • keith — 7:32 PM on October 04, 2008

    And upgrades sell for about $199 vs hundreds more $ for PS purchased retail at an office supply store.
    Perhaps with the savings you’ll email the nice PS Product Manager at Adobe a tip (for the tip).

  • Barry Pearson — 12:15 AM on October 05, 2008

    If someone upgrades from PS 7 to CS3 now, when CS4 comes out do they have to pay again, or can they get the upgrade to CS4 free because they have bought an earlier version within a short time of release?
    [Good news: by buying the CS3 upgrade now you can get a free bump to CS4 by contacting Customer Service. –J.]

  • KimH — 12:33 AM on October 05, 2008

    Can a PS7 owner upgrade to CS3, and then get a free upgrade to CS4?
    Or is CS3 the only option for a PS7 owner? (and then paying for an additional upgrade to CS4)

  • Steve Kalman — 5:44 AM on October 05, 2008

    I went from PS7 to CS2 then to CS3.
    Recently, I upgraded my desktop and so I reinstalled PS7 and then CS3.
    When I get CS4, does that mean that future rebuilds will need three steps (PS7-CS3-CS4)? Is there a way to just use my PS7 license code and the CS4 CD and code?
    By the way, I looked on the Adobe site to see if I could find the answer. Either it isn’t there or it was too well buried for me to find it.
    Many thanks,

  • stijn — 7:58 AM on October 05, 2008

    Does the “3 versions back” policy count for all Adobe programs? Same for Premiere, After effects,..?
    [I believe so. –J.]
    Since products are registered, Adobe should send an e-mail “last warning, update now or pay more” e-mail.. Otherwise i woulnd’t have noticed :-)
    [Good idea. –J.]

  • NavParker — 8:37 AM on October 05, 2008

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have the CS4 release date!

  • heather — 8:52 AM on October 05, 2008

    great info, I cannot imagine not upgrading as the new version comes out. but I do have a question about educational versions. can they be updated to the professional version?
    [To the best of my knowledge the two are identical and can be upgraded in just the same ways. –J.]

  • Ramón G Castañeda — 5:31 PM on October 05, 2008

    Steve Kalman,
    ALL Adobe upgrades are FULL installers. If the upgrade installer does not find a previous version installed, it will prompt you for the old serial number as well as the new one.

  • keith — 5:33 PM on October 05, 2008

    An email from Adobe about updating would be a great way to stay in contact with customers + keep ’em happy.
    My educational version says (somewhere) that it’s not eligible for upgrades. Maybe it depends on where you’ve purchased your ed. software.

  • Nick — 3:57 AM on October 06, 2008

    What if I already have CS3, if I upgrade to CS3.3 would that count for the free CS4 upgrade?
    [At this point I’d just sit tight and go right to CS4. –J.]

  • West kirkley — 11:30 AM on October 06, 2008

    Hi J,
    i have adobe design premium, and want to upgrade to the cs4 MASTER collection, and when i tried to find out the info on the website, i really could not determine what it would cost, i just bought this program and wish now i would have waited to get the latest version. but since i did not …. what are my options now? also i am on a MAC platform

  • Ramón G Castañeda — 12:26 PM on October 06, 2008

    My educational version says (somewhere) that it’s not eligible for upgrades.
    That just means there are educational or academic upgrades, but your educational version does allow you to upgrade to the commercial version.

  • Navigaciya — 1:41 PM on October 06, 2008

    I already have Photoshop CS3 would that count for the free CS4 upgrade or not?

  • Thomas — 5:47 PM on October 06, 2008

    Dear John,
    i really, really apprecciate your effort to make PS (or whatever) better, greater, lustful.
    But, in the end, whenever i hit the “Adobe Online Shop” things start to get confusing again, and again, and again.
    if you guys can´t change that no one else will.
    in the meantime i just can say: “fuck paranoid adobe” for your sales policy.
    [Classy. –J.]
    i´m sorry about this John, but it´s the truth.

  • Oceanviewstudio — 1:59 AM on October 07, 2008

    [quote]Navigaciya — 01:41 PM on October 06, 2008
    I already have Photoshop CS3 would that count for the free CS4 upgrade or not?[/quote]
    well, I spare my personal comments, but here is my unpleasant experience, just the facts.
    I purchased CS3 in July 2008, the update to CS3 extended I payed on August 20th 2008.
    Before I had to leave for Photokina, I inquired on the free update, but was told that I would not be eligable for I would have been 4 days too late to fit that scheme.
    Again, my invoice dates 20th of August!
    Best wishes

  • Eric — 9:14 AM on October 07, 2008

    Members of the NAPP should go to the website and pick up the 15% discount code before upgrading. That means my upgrade to the Creative Suite Design Premium is going to be about $500 and not $599! That’s a significant chunk of change.
    The language that says the education version cannot be upgraded means that there is no education upgrade version to buy. So the better route is to upgrade to the commercial version, which costs significantly less than a new education version.

  • Cassandra — 4:17 PM on October 08, 2008

    I have PS 7 and considering I only have a few days left to upgrade I decided I should take the chance. Problem is I looked high and low for photoshop CS3 on the Adobe website, I can’t seem to find it anywhere; with the exception of randomly coming across it when reading about cs4 and made the mistake of not writing down how I got to it.
    Could anyone please direct me to where I can upgrade to CS3 from PS7?
    Thanks in advance!
    [I’d suggest calling customer service & having them sort things out. –J.]

  • N. B. Carroll — 3:49 PM on October 10, 2008

    I have been trying since Wednesday to upload proof of qualifying purchase in order to obtain Post-Announcement Upgrades from PS CS3 and IL CS3 to the corresponding CS4 versions. Unfortunately, Adobe’s off-shore customer service folk cannot seem to make my web case appear on my on-line account. I have called and called and called and called and called, all to no avail. Most recently, I was given an e-mail address to which to send the scans of my proofs of purchase. Given how this energy-sapping ordeal has unfolded, I have zero confidence that this method will work, but I’ve sent off my scans nonetheless.
    Your “customer service” system has been undergoing a reset or been off line twice during the time I’ve been trying to get this accomplished. Honestly, my homegrown project tracking system does a better job than your massively web-enabled off-shore process.
    Did I mention the headache I’ve had throughout this process, and the amazing amount of potentially billable time I’ve squandered sitting on hold for 20 minutes at a time umpteen times? Do you have ANY IDEA WHATSOEVER how frustrated this leaves me at your desensitized, inefficient, impersonal intergalactic process? Is this a none-too-subtle way of trying to discourage qualified customers from making use of the Post-Announcement Upgrade process? If so, it’s working. I may never go through this again.
    And there’s nothing enjoyable about trying to have a conversation with someone over a bandwidth-starved VOIP connection to the other side of the world. Dear dog in heaven, if you have to send these support jobs Elsewhere, at least devote enough bandwidth to the connection that people can have a reasonable conversation!!

  • HobbesPDX — 3:01 PM on October 11, 2008

    Is there now, or will there ever be an upgrade (price) path from Photoshop Elements?
    I realize they’re different animals, but I bought into the ultra-cheap price point awhile ago, and would like to go to CS4 when it’s available, if the price is right…
    [Here’s the skinny from the Adobe store:
    From PSE to PS CS4 = $599
    From PSE to PS Ext CS4 = $899 –J.]

  • brenton — 9:10 AM on October 15, 2008

    Sweet. I have CS3 Production Prem. I’m not yet sure if I’ll go to CS4, but I certainly don’t want to lose my upgrade eligibility.
    Good to know if I wait for CS5 I’ll still be a ‘current user.’

  • Sharon — 3:43 PM on October 16, 2008

    I currently have Photoshop CS3 Extended and would love to upgrade to CS4 – but according to the website it appears I can only upgrade to CS4 Extended (which I cannot afford and don’t need). I just want to upgrade to ordinary, everyday Photoshop. Is this possible?
    [Yes; here’s more info. –J.]

  • Garry — 9:44 AM on November 13, 2008

    Some time ago (5/02/07)I bought Adobe CS2 for my step daughter as a grad gift at her university book store. Actually she bought it but I and her Mom paid for it. As part of the gift I promised her I would teach her the basics. When we bought it we were told by the clerk that because CS3 was just out we would qualify for the free upgrade. He wrote a number (1-800-833-6687) on the Student CLP form. Then came my very unsatisfactory experience with your heavily accented offshore customer service. I can second everything that N. B. Carroll has expressed above.
    We faxed a proof of purchase somewhere and never received the upgrade nor did we receive any explanation. Very disappointed and that’s putting it mildly. So this was what the corporate bate and switch? At Adobe, Customer Service is what, an oxymoron? Needless to say a bitter taste remains from this experience.

  • Gary — 11:36 AM on January 14, 2009

    I don’t understand. If I purchased CS4 and didn’t put it on my computer yet, and I’m running Photoshop 7, it won’t upgrade now? In other words, I want to know if I can upgrade from 7 to CS4 regardless of price. (If I can get someone on ebay, for example, to still sell me a CS4 version, can I upgrade from Photoshop 7?)
    [If you can buy an older version that qualifies (i.e. CS, CS2, or CS3), then yes, I believe you can upgrade from that to CS4. –J.]

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