October 24, 2008

Tutorial: Creating Flash panels for Photoshop

Matthew Keefe has posted a brief tutorial on how to create your first Flash panel for Photoshop CS4. To load any SWF in Photoshop as a panel, just drop it into the Adobe Photoshop CS4/Plug-Ins/Panels directory, then launch PS and look under Window->Extensions. To make a SWF communicate with Photoshop via scripting, however, a bit more work is required, and that’s where Matthew’s tutorial comes in. If you create something cool, or if you see interesting SWF panels popping up, please let us know.


Posted by John Nack at 9:34 AM on October 24, 2008


  • Toby — 4:26 AM on October 30, 2008

    Will this function of implemet flash panels also be available in InDesign CS4 and Illustrator CS4?
    That would be great…
    [Yep: as far as I know, the entire Suite is now extensible through Flash panels. Expect more documentation and examples to come to light. –J.]

  • john — 8:40 AM on November 06, 2008

    A bit of clarification please – will the Configurator allow the user to create File Info panels?
    [Not at the moment, though that’s a good suggestion. –J.]

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