November 03, 2008

Pro Photographers Vote Lightroom!

In the Red-Green-Blue state of professional digital photography, voters are going for Adobe Lightroom in a very big way.


A year ago I shared some market research from InfoTrends that compared Lightroom usage among North American pros to that of Apple Aperture.  This year InfoTrends asked the same questions, and here’s what they found photographers to be using:


  2007 2008
Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in 66.5% 62.2%



Aperture 5.5% 7.5%
On the Mac platform only    
Lightroom 26.6% 40.4%
Aperture 14.3% 14.6%


  • We’re delighted to see that Lightroom has increased its market share among pros by 50% on both Mac and Windows.
  • Aperture’s overall number is up due to a greater percentage of respondents running Macs this year.  On the Mac, however, its market share is essentially unchanged.
  • The survey was fielded in June and July 2008, after the launch of Aperture 2 but before Lightroom 2 was released.
  • Overall Photoshop usage remains over 90% in this market.  Use of Camera Raw specifically has dipped a bit, which is to be expected as more pros embrace Lightroom.  Even so, the numbers indicate that many people continue to use both paths depending on circumstances (e.g. opening a one-off image vs. browsing a whole shoot).  That’s true in my work, and I find the compatibility of settings between LR & ACR invaluable.
  • Lightroom PM Tom Hogarty has posted a few additional details about the survey on the Lightroom Journal blog.


As always the Lightroom & Photoshop teams are grateful to the photography community for all their support, and we look forward to bringing the Lightroom mojo to more photographers in the years ahead.

[Update: In case it was unclear, I’ll note that these percentages are not mutually exclusive. A photographer could choose more than one tool when responding. –J.]

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You Suck at Photoshop: Season finale

The 3 Webbie Award-winning series You Suck At Photoshop concludes its second season (and 20th episode!) with this season finale.  Perhaps needless to say, things do not end well for Donnie.


Behind the scenes, wedding photographer/blogger David Ziser has posted a podcast inteview with series creator Troy Hitch (for whom things seem to be going much better; YSAP boasts 13 million views and climbing).

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MAX snax

The Adobe MAX show (Nov. 16-19th in San Francisco) is shaping up to be a whopper, set to break previous attendance records.  There’s still time to register (deadline is the 14th), and I hope to see you there.  (I’ll be presenting Photoshop & Bridge CS4 on Wednesday the 19th at 2pm.)


If user experience/interface is your thing, be sure to check out the Adobe XD (Experience Design) segments.  They’ve posted a list on INSPIRE, their new publication.

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