November 05, 2008

Post-election bits

I’m finding it hard to get back into the blogging game after such a* historic election.  Doesn’t blogging about megapixels and keyboard shortcuts just seem kind of… trite?


In an effort to spool back up, here are some interesting visual bits I’ve encountered:


  • Oh yeah!: "The Final Endgame Go Time Alpha Action Lift-off Decide-icidal Hungry Man’s Extreme Raw Power Ultimate Voteslam Smackdown ’08 No Mercy: Judgement Day ’08.That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  Peep The Daily Show’s ode to/mockery of over-the-top motion graphics.
  • Jason Kottke has aggregated a huge list of election maps from around the world, from whiteboards to the Onion.  I love the way various maps, including the one on the NY Times site, let you zoom into states to see a county-by-county patchwork of voting.  Also check out the way the NYT map features "county bubbles" and a voting trend comparison slider.
  • Mark Newman’s maps offer insight into voting patterns by geography and population. [Via]
  • The Guardian features a gallery of newspaper front pages from around the world. [Via]
  • In The Living Room Candidate, the Museum of the Moving Image features TV ads from US presidential races, 1952-2008.
  • Typography:
    • Channeling campaign fatigue into type, This [Farging] Election aggregates many of the year’s memorable phrases into a single column.
    • Obama + dingbats = ObamaBats, courtesy of Jeff Domke. [Via]


* Not "an".  Hah; I knew it.  We’re not Cockney, for crying out loud.

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