November 07, 2008

Status updates on Configurator, etc.

Lots of people seem eager to get a hold of Configurator and the new Pixel Bender filter gallery for Photoshop CS4 & are asking when they’ll be available.  We decided to give both tools a little extra bake time, so look for them to appear on Adobe Labs within the next two weeks.  Also stay tuned for a Camera Raw update for CS4 that’ll include a number of nice little surprises.

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A bit more metadata geekery

  • The File Info interface in Photoshop, Bridge, and the other CS4 products can be extended by creating panels using Adobe Flex.  Not everyone uses Flex or aspires to learn ActionScript, however.  Fortunately photographer John Beardsworth has found it fairly simple to migrate CS3-style panels to the CS4 architecture using a simple text editor.  He shares some tips on his blog.
  • Adobe metadata PM Gunar Penikis documents the ins & outs of importing and exporting metadata in CS4.  If you’re using metadata templates, especially in Bridge, please note how the various options intersect with Camera Raw settings.  Short tip: to avoid possible conflicts, the best practice is to create templates from a blank file.
  • Gunar also points out the updated XMP SDKs & XMP Toolkit now posted on the Adobe XMP Developer Center.
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