November 11, 2008

MAX Awards People’s Choice voting now open

The Adobe MAX Awards Finalist Gallery is now live and People’s Choice voting is open.  You can check out the finalists’ submissions and then click to vote.  Adobe’s Lisa Hanna writes,


The voting will close on November 18th at 12:00 noon PST. The People’s Choice winner will be announced that evening at the Sneak Peak and MAX Award Ceremony at MAX.  There is no limit to voting and it is open globally.


If you are attending MAX, the Finalists will be displaying their award submissions Monday evening, Nov. 17th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Community Pavilion, Moscone West Level 1. Please drop by and introduce yourself.

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CS4 tryouts ready for download

Photoshop CS4, Bridge CS4, and the other Adobe CS4 products are now available for download from  Enjoy!

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All PSCS4 menu items & their scripts

Descend with me, won’t you, into the deepest nerd-mines…


In order to support Configurator, we needed to create a rather gigantic spreadsheet ("The Big List") that included the text string for nearly every menu item in Photoshop, along with the JavaScript (ExtendScript) equivalent of each.  We also filled in descriptions for many of the items, and Configurator uses these when displaying tooltips. 

In case this stuff is useful to you (e.g. you’re a scripter and just want to know the brute-force way to execute some menu item), I’ve posted the XLS and CSV flavors of the list for download.  (I say "brute force" because these strings were generated by the Scripting Listener plug-in & in many cases aren’t as elegant as what one could write by hand.)

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