November 14, 2008

CS4 & solid-state drives (SSDs)

There’s an misleading line in the system requirements listed for Photoshop CS4 and other Adobe CS4 products: contrary to the statement that CS4 “cannot install on… flash-based storage devices,” the apps install and run perfectly well on solid-state drives (SSDs), such as those available in the MacBook Air and the new Sony VAIO.


I’m told that the line was written to let customers know that they can’t install on removable flash-based media such as Compact Flash cards.  (Yes, people try weird things, then get mad when those things don’t work.)


On a related note, I expect to get some questions about performance impact of using SSDs together with Photoshop.  I don’t have any numbers or recommendations to share at the moment, though our performance testing lead has been testing a high-end Fusion-IO drive (160GB,
~$7200 retail).

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