November 22, 2008

Lego together Pixel Bender filters

Like the idea of creating ultra-fast image filters for Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects, but prefer visual authoring to coding/math?  Check out Conduit for Pixel Bender, a node-based editing tool for creating and tweaking PB files (see screenshot).  I’ve taken it for a spin, and even a math-stooge like me can snap together some interesting stuff.


Conduit for PB is presently in beta testing & can be pre-ordered for €50.  It exports PBJ files for use in Flash Player 10 but doesn’t yet generate PBK files or use in Photoshop.  Hopefully that support will appear shortly.  Meanwhile you can test drive Conduit Live, the free version of the authoring tool, snapping together filters to run on low-res image or video.


See also the free Pixel Bender Toolkit for writing & exporting PB files. [Via]

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New Illustrations: Mad Men to Hot Rocks

Dept. of Mad Chops:

Illustrated misfortune:


  • The pixel masters at eBoy featured yours truly among a field of ‘Dobe peeps. Thanks, guys! (Incidentally, this illustration plays ridiculously well with content-aware scaling in PSCS4.)
  • At the recent party to celebrate shipping CS4, Photoshop engineer Geoff Scott took a cool shot of me that I turned into a quasi-Hot Rocks-style illustration via the new PS Pixel Bender plug-in. (I used subblue’s Droste Effect filter kernel–a free download.)
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