November 26, 2008

More Configurator info, ideas

The Configurator team has put together a rather comprehensive user guide that features screenshots and guidance on using the application.  The app is designed to be very straightforward to use, but the guide can help answer questions as you start using Configurator more intensively.  The team has also provided a list of known issues–rough edges & their workarounds.


Don’t be shy about letting us know how you’d like to see the tool evolve.  We’d like to make it both broader (supporting more Suite apps) and deeper (offering richer functionality and more refinements).  A few ideas we’re kicking around:


  • Support containers (sub-tabs, accordions, etc.) that would make it easy to provide more content within a single panel
  • Offer better localization/auto-layout (so that a tab could be switched from English to German to Japanese on the fly; this is essential if we’re to use Configurator to create content that ships in the box)
  • Include more widgets that can be dragged in (e.g. a foreground/background color indicator/selector like the one at the bottom of the PS toolbar)
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Bridge CS4 Output module updated

A new update to the Bridge CS4 output module adds the much-requested ability to specify header and/or footer text in PDF files (screenshot), and it reduces the size of the Web galleries it produces.  (JPEG quality is now set at 9;  previously it was maxed out, which produced excessive size without offering a visible advantage.)  You can download the update for Mac and Windows from

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