December 10, 2008

New scripts extend Bridge CS4

Ever wanted to convert just about any file to JPEG from Bridge, or to attach browsed files to email?  Photographer/scripter/Bridge quality engineer David Franzen has your back, having posted a set of great scripts to the Adobe Exchange.  He writes:


* Bridge E-Mailer Extension — Lets you e-mail files directly from Bridge.


* Bridge Export to JPEG Extension — Create JPEG files quickly using the cached previews and thumbnails already in Bridge’s cache. This is a major update the the script I posted during CS3. Some examples of new features:


  • You can add the sRGB ICC profile
  • File naming options matching Batch Rename’s
  • Reusable export presets
  • Better UI for configuring options
  • Metadata options based on the new options in Save for Web.
  • FTP and E-mail

* Preview Latest File — Enables and “auto preview” mode in a Bridge window that selects the latest file in the folder. This is designed to help users doing tethered shooting.


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