December 17, 2008

Supporting colorblind accesibility in CS4

One of the sleeper features in Photoshop CS4 is new support for simulating color
blindness.  My fellow PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes managed the development of the feature, so I invited him to share more info in a guest blog post. Read on for details.  –J.


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CS4 color picker now does CMYK

Responding to reader feedback, developer Anastasiy Safari has added CMYK support and other tweaks (e.g. resizability) to the color picker panel I mentioned the other day.  Way to go, Anastasiy!


You can download the panel here, unzip the file, and then drag the contents of the file into your "Adobe Photoshop CS4/Plug-Ins/Panels" directory.  (Don’t forget to delete the old one if you installed it earlier.)  After you relaunch Photoshop CS4, the panel will appear under Window->Extensions.


Oh, and–indulging my inner 8-year-old for a second–to all those folks who were spraying bile at the idea of Flash panels not so long ago: "You like apples?  Well how do you like them apples?". ;-)

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