December 23, 2008

OS percentages

Last week I requested feedback about operating system usage among Photoshop CS4 customers, and I said I’d share the findings here.  Having gathered some 1,200 responses, I can share a few notes I found interesting.


I was curious mainly about how rapidly Windows-based customers are adopting 64-bit operating systems.  You get both 32- and 64-bit flavors of Photoshop in the CS4 box, but plug-in developers need to know when a critical mass of customers will demand 64-bit compatibility.  Of current CS4 customers running PS on Windows:


  • 39% (!) are using Vista 64
  • 8% are planning to migrate in 3-6 months
  • 9% are planning to migrate in 6-12 months
  • 23% are planning to migrate "at some point"
  • 20% are not planning to migrate


I should point out that this poll is hardly scientific–more like sticking your finger in the air to gauge wind direction.  Still, I was struck by the high number of people using Vista 64.  Of course, the data come from people who bought CS4 in its first two
months, and who are motivated to read my blog and to answer surveys. 


My take is that Windows-based customers aren’t in any rush to install Vista on existing hardware, but that when they do buy new machines, they’re going with Vista 64.  In any case, it’s great to see people moving forward.  The sooner customers drop old technologies, the sooner we can lop off (and stop maintaining) old code.


Here’s another wrinkle in the numbers: among visitors to this blog, Mac browsers account for just
over one third, yet 68% of survey respondents say they run PS
on a Mac (with 60% running it primarily there). I take this to mean Mac
users are disproportionately likely to respond to an OS usage survey. The
same may be true for Vista 64 adopters (who are proud of their choice and
want you to know about it).


If you’d like to see the raw data collected, be my guest.

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