January 12, 2009

Frailty & Jibber Jabber

I sure extract value from the MacBooks Adobe has bought for my use: as I log 12 hours/day on them (sad? impressive? both?), my hands tend to wear crescent-shaped marks into the finish. Now, however, my 17″ MBP’s ability to take a charge has crapped out, meaning that the slightest jiggle to the power cord means instant system shut down. Gooood times! Thus I type this from my wife’s 13″ MB. It makes me realize how dependent I am on a single piece of machinery.
I’m excited about the 17″ system Apple announced last week. The ability to stuff in 8GB of RAM is particularly welcome, though for the $1200 price of adding those last four gigs, you could buy two complete Mac Minis (or a regular MacBook plus an AppleTV!). Mmm, yeah, gonna sit tight on that option for a little while. I was also a little disappointed not to see a quad-core processor option (Acer will sell you one with an 18″ screen for $1800). On the other hand, I suppose I don’t need Whopper-style grill marks on my thighs (hard to explain at swim lessons).
In any case, here’s hoping my regular machine can be brought back to life soon (as it contains all my blog drafts), and that the new ones start shipping soon. In the meantime, Jason D. Moore has just posted an interview we did over the weekend, in case you’re interested.

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