January 13, 2009

InDesign Cmd-H issue fixed in 10.5.6

The InDesign folks asked me to pass along the news that a problem that bedeviled ID CS3/CS4 users on Mac OS X 10.5–namely, that the Cmd-H keyboard shortcut wouldn’t work (or couldn’t be undone)–has been fixed by Apple’s 10.5.6 update.  Thanks to all the folks at Apple and Adobe who worked together to get things sorted out. [Via Michael Ninness]

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Photoshop Subvertising

Artist-vandals in Berlin have rather brilliantly hacked a set of subway posters, overlaying them with stickers showing the Photoshop UI. [Via Mark Stern, Serge Jespers, Jeff Lietz, and others]


I have a soft spot for the trippy impromptu public art projects that subway posters often become–everything from Van Dycks & puke lines to political commentary.  I got an unreasonably big kick out of a Bourne Identity poster in the NY subway that featured three images of Matt Damon on which someone had scrawled, respectively, “Loner… gun owner… stern taskmaster.” (Told you it was unreasonable.)


[Update: Kottke links to more photos on Flickr.  Apparently the project is called "Don’t Forget…" [Via]]


[Previously: Real-world Photoshop.]

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