January 19, 2009

Photoshop CS4 update in development

[Feb. 24: The update is now available.]

In the time since Photoshop CS4 shipped, we’ve heard from some customers about various things not working as designed.  In particular, various Windows XP configurations can exhibit slowdowns.  A number of problems can be traced back to problems with video card drivers, but there are changes that Photoshop needs to make to improve the situation, and we’re working on an update that’ll be released soon.


Photoshop performance QE lead Adam Jerugim writes,


In an effort
to ensure that this change addresses the issues we hope it does, we’ve
created a small pre-release program that we’re opening to public volunteers.


So if you’re a CS4 user who is experiencing performance issues and would
like to help us test a potential fix, please email me @ adam dot jerugim at adobe dot com.


Thanks for your patience with this and understand that we’re working as fast
as possible to deliver a solution.


The Photoshop Engineering Team



I’m sorry we weren’t able to catch and fix all the issues that people have encountered.  If you’ve experienced problems and have some time to help bang on the fixes, we’d greatly appreciate your help.

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