January 29, 2009

Pixel Bender contest extended; new examples

To give developers more time to write killer code, the folks at NVIDIA have extended the Pixel Bender contest deadline to Feb. 28.  For more info (links to dev tools, etc.), see previous.


By the way a couple of developers have pointed out that contest entry is restricted to US residents.  I don’t know why that is, and hopefully it’s something that can get changed.  (The same limitation has popped up in various Adobe contests.  I don’t know why it does, but everyone agrees that it sucks & would like to change it.)


Elsewhere, Paul Burnett shared some more PB coolness: a spinnable globe (complete with source) featuring a spherize filter + throw physics, as well as the bizarre Dancing Dudes demo (see screenshot).  (Me, I would’ve gone with some vintage Rockwell for the soundtrack.)


And one more thing: Adobe announced today that Flash Player 10–needed to run Pixel Bender in a browser–is now installed on more than half the Net-connected PCs & Mac in the world, and that’s after just two months of availability.  If you think browser-based image editors like Photoshop.com are powerful now, wait til they really start embracing PB.

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