January 08, 2009

Browser in a camera: I think it’s serious

Years ago, my bizarre friend Higgins told me and another buddy that his girlfriend had mysteriously dumped him.  He was visibly shaken and seemed truly down in the dumps.  He said, “I… I just don’t get it.  The whole thing inspired me to write a song.  Do you guys want to hear it?”  Well sure, of course we did.  “Okay, here goes,” he said.  Closing his eyes, clearing his throat, he leaned back and paused.  And then, bursting into a Pete Townshend air-guitar windmill, and doing his best Axl Rose devil-woman wail, he screeched,




That was is, end of song. :-)


Ever since then we’ve “busted out the ‘Whatstrument*'” for bizarre news.  The arrival of the Sony Cybershot G3, World’s First Camera You Can Surf the Web On, seems worthy.


Okay, maybe it’s not that weird.  As Gizmodo puts it, “Sony’s seeing this more as a flexible, fast way to dump and check your photos and videos online, direct from your camera, not so much as a way to compulsively watch YouTube videos or read Gizmodo, even though that’s exactly what we want, and will try to do, practicalities aside.”


I dig the instant sharing possibilities, though I’d explicitly keep them out of my wife’s hands: she’s all for uploading before I’ve had time to crop, retouch, and otherwise noodle around.  [Via Jerry Harris]


*Other suggested air-instrumental possibilities for the song:  Trombone, sax, harmonica, sextant, astrolabe, and finger snap (Beatnik edition).

Posted by John Nack at 12:18 PM on January 08, 2009


  • Joe Lencioni — 12:49 PM on January 08, 2009

    bursting into a Pete Townshend air-guitar windmill, and doing his best Axl Rose devil-woman wail, he screeched,


    Video or it didn’t happen. :)

  • Scott Valentine — 8:59 PM on January 08, 2009

    I don’t want to listen to any song that requires a sextant and astrolabe to keep time…
    So, how about a mobile account for photoshop.com in conjunction with Sony? Seems to me that would be a slam-dunk corporate deal. But then you might have to start pimping the Alpha inside CS”next” suites…

  • DiaAzul — 7:43 AM on January 09, 2009

    If you want to noodle the pictures then upload the pictures direct to Photoshop Express – you could even host it as an application on the mobile networks. You could then take the picture, upload the image to PS-E and noodle on the phone until you are happy with the posted piccy. The phone only needs to act as a dumb terminal, the networked server can do all the heavy processing. Not sure how you are going to calibrate the phone though.

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