January 07, 2009

New Photoshop contests

Lately I’ve come across some Photoshop-centered contests that might be up your alley:


  • Planet Photoshop has kicked off their first Planet Design Contest, offering a pass to Photoshop World, among other prizes.  Corey Barker writes,


You are presented with three tutorials that have been selected from the vast library of tutorials here on Planet Photoshop. After watching the tutorials, your assignment is to use the techniques you learn from one or all of them to create an original piece of artwork. Feel free to be as creative as you want. Just think of these tutorials as a springboard as you proceed to create your original art.


The entry deadline is January 15.


  • Meanwhile PhotoshopCafe is running “Photoshop — The Concert,” with CS4 Design Premium, an NVIDIA Quadro CX card, and more up for grabs.  Colin Smith writes,


Make a poster for a concert with a Photoshop-themed band!  The twist? You have to use a tool from Photoshop as the title of the band. (Think of a concert poster with a band that has a Photoshop-themed name, such as “The Healing Brushes,” etc…) Props for wit and cunning! Use any original artwork you desire. You may use any tools or platform you choose, but you must use Photoshop for at least 50% of the Image editing/design.


The deadline for is January 31.


Posted by John Nack at 3:42 PM on January 07, 2009


  • Brian Auer — 5:13 PM on January 07, 2009

    Hey John (and others), I’m also running a Photoshop project/contest over at Epic Edits. The project involves creating and sharing Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets. At the end of the project, we’ll be gathering up all the entries and giving them out as a free resource.
    [Cool; thanks for the heads-up, Brian. –J.]

  • Jacob — 6:32 AM on January 08, 2009

    How about “The Arbitrary Maps”?

  • Charles — 7:22 AM on January 08, 2009

    One thing constantly irks me about these Photoshop-centric contests: my work is always ineligible. Every single contest is focused around digital files as the end product. I think this is terribly constraining, don’t people use Photoshop for something beyond jpegs?
    I have spent years developing a process that combines digital imaging in Photoshop and Illustrator with antique photo printing methods. These primitive printing techniques were abandoned over a hundred years ago as unworkable, when better processes were invented. But with Photoshop, I can prepare negatives to print that compensate for all the flaws in the process. The resulting prints go way beyond CMYK, I can print in metallic or iridescent inks and get visual effects that go way beyond conventional photography, into the realm of advanced printmaking. The qualities of these prints must be seen in the original print, you can’t even see their best qualities in a reproduction in any form (believe me I’ve tried).
    And despite how crucial Photoshop and digital techniques are to my work, and that any viewer would instantly recognize my imagery as of digital origin, I have never been able to submit my prints to any digital or Photoshop-related contest. They all request you to submit jpegs or digital files. Even if I could submit actual artworks, I hesitate to send original works without a guarantee of returns, these prints can take a full week or more to produce and would sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in a gallery.
    So I urge Adobe and other contest operators to open up their minds to new possibilities. Perhaps Adobe could open up a new category in their next contest, “Other,” for works that are totally reliant on Adobe technologies but do not fit into the conventional categories of photography, graphic design, offset printing, etc. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you get.

  • Phil Hawkins — 9:12 PM on January 08, 2009

    Before you all go skipping down the flower-bloom lane on some happy photo contest, why doesn’t Adobe do something about it’s horrific customer service? To Wit: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/723866/0 Read the ENTIRE thread.

  • Contest-Gal — 9:36 PM on January 25, 2009

    It is a great contest, different designs and talents that we can see…soon!!..I love to have contest like this because you will be amaze of the talent they have..

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