January 05, 2009

New tutorials: Masking in CS4, Bridge CS4

Russell Brown is presenting some new techniques at Macworld on Wednesday, and he’ll be handing out a CD containing all his latest tips and tricks.  In the meantime he’s posted a pair of new videos:



Fellow evangelists Terry White, Julianne Kost, and others will be on hand as well, so check out the theater schedule for complete details.

Posted by John Nack at 4:27 PM on January 05, 2009


  • Matt Dial — 5:10 PM on January 05, 2009

    John — are you going to be at MacWorld or CES this week? I’d like to stop by and say hello in person (if you are at CES).
    — Matt
    [Hey Matt–I’m not planning to attend either show this year. –J.]

  • Ken — 8:16 PM on January 05, 2009

    Welcome to the New Year….
    I am “playing” with a 3rd part app that does masking, according to app, better/quicker… that Photoshop cs4.
    Watching the pirate Brown, its appears photoshop does a good job, but Brown did have a “green screen”
    What new tools are in CS4 to help me do this.????
    Ken in KY

  • gary greenwald — 9:58 AM on January 06, 2009

    The best 3rd party app Ive found for masking is maskerade, because it allows you to create masks by color, saturation, contrast, edges, luminance, and more.
    It has the full breadth of masking choices, and hopefully one day will be incorporated into photoshop without needing a plugin, i suggest taking a look at it, just google ‘maskerade plugin’ or go to simpelfilter.de, I’m a mask fanatic so if there’s an even better option, please post it.

  • Greg Brown — 6:50 AM on April 07, 2009

    Just bought cs4 and am lovin’ bridge. I want to know when I’m copying from my card to Bridge if there is a way to get them to come in at 300dpi rather than 72 dpi. This was something I have set up in Photo Mechanic and it saves a step later on. I’m thinking Bridge can do it, but have not been able to figure it out. Thanks, Greg

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