January 07, 2009

The MacBook Wheel

“One button. Endless possibilities.”

I look forward to hearing that Adobe is “dragging its feet” for not abandoning keyboard shortcuts and fully embracing The Wheel by noon yesterday. ;->
[Update: Reader Don Tardiff points out that the Simplex typewriter was doing the wheel thing a century ago. (“Notice no screen, hard drive, or battery.”) Reached for comment, Jonathan Ive said, “That’s. How. We. Roll.”]

Posted by John Nack at 3:58 PM on January 07, 2009


  • Rick McCleary — 6:13 PM on January 07, 2009

    “The next version will be 4 ounces lighter due to its lack of screen, hard drive, and battery.”
    Oooo… can’t wait for that one. The ultimate in conceptual computing.
    What a minute… Computer? I don’t need no stinkin’ computer!

  • iBrent — 6:20 PM on January 07, 2009

    “I’ll pretty much buy anything that’s shiny and made by Apple”
    “Everything is just a few hundred clicks away”
    Pure awesomeness…

  • Jeff Foster — 7:23 PM on January 07, 2009

    I laughed harder each time I watched that movie when I first saw it on Monday. People were actually Twittering that they thought it was:
    a) Ingenuous but not sure how well it would be accepted
    b) Ludicrous! How could Apple be so stupid to release this design?
    c) I thought Steve Jobs wasn’t going to do the Keynote at MW this year?
    D) or simply, ROFLMAO!!
    So yes, to follow up it would be amazing to see someone doing some retouching in Photoshop using this beast!
    But then again, that might just be considered “dicking around”. ;)

  • M Mutter — 4:57 AM on January 08, 2009

    45 minutes to type, I mean turn, an e-mail and a running time of 19 minutes on the battery!?!?!?!?
    They have gone mad at Apple this is the most idiotic inventions I have seen in Computers.

  • PECourtejoie — 8:08 AM on January 08, 2009

    Like many others, I will wait for “The Wheel” revision 2.0, but you betcha that the Creative Suite’s better be spinning fast to be wheel compliant at that time!
    Especially with “shake” pixel-shuffling. And sudden motion sensor-compliant Content Aware Scaling?
    [Hah! –J.]
    Now, can we say finally that Steve invented the Wheel?
    [Well, he already claimed that if he hadn’t audited a college calligraphy class, we wouldn’t have proportional fonts on computers… –J.]

  • Maciej — 8:08 AM on January 08, 2009

    The Wheel has just been reinvented…
    And that is a GREAT NEWS for someone who has only one finger.
    Relax boys and girls this is only parody…
    But speaking about keyboard shortcuts I demand (I am not hoping – I demand) customization within Bridge – I simply cannot understand why it’s not there?

  • Mark Thomas — 9:00 AM on January 08, 2009

    What’s scary is that if Apple actually released such a thing, some Mac users would buy it and some PC manufactures would copy it.

  • Awesomesausage — 11:20 AM on January 08, 2009

    Why oh why oh why won’t Adobe support The Wheel?
    Why do you hate Apple so much?
    The end.

  • Laura F — 12:04 PM on January 08, 2009

    “Dear Robber”
    was that the intuitive text prediction, or is his friend really Robber?
    [Dunno, but some of those other predictive phrases are pretty edgy. I would’ve liked to have seen Eat Up Martha somewhere in there. –J.]

  • JoeM — 12:32 PM on January 08, 2009

    Love it!
    This looks like what would happen if marketing engineered it and engineering marketed it.

  • Maciej — 2:18 AM on January 09, 2009

    Do you guys realize that it is a parody from Onion?
    It is really well done – but it’s not real. So stop the war now and go back to our wonderful keyboard world.

  • David — 11:49 AM on January 09, 2009

    Apple don’t invent things. They take “unknown ideas” and make them famous.

  • JoeM — 3:04 PM on January 09, 2009

    Actually Apple may have modified the user interface to make it more compatible with the iPod suite.

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