February 01, 2009

Adobe magnetism

Heh–now these I dig: the folks at Brazil’s Meninos are selling sets of magnets styled like the palettes (panels) in Illustrator and Photoshop.  As Gizmodo notes, “These magnets can make a whiteboard full of photos look like a screenshot of Photoshop or Illustrator.” (The same guys also offer a fun set of iPhone-inspired coasters.)  [Via Lori Grunin]


The project of course recalls the recent “Photoshop adbusting” stunt in Berlin, and it makes me think of the little lapel pin sets of Photoshop icons through history that the Adobe Japan office commissioned a couple of years ago.  That’s the kind of unique stuff that I’d like to see offered through the Adobe merchandise site. [Update: I didn’t notice that the merchandising site says that its use is, for whatever reason, restricted to Adobe employees.  Tattoos, however, remain a free-for-all.]

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