February 03, 2009

Lego NYC

Christoph Niemann’s Lego renderings of NYC ephemera are so totally great that they deserve a post all of their own.  (The rest of his portfolio is well worth a look, too.)

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Drawing from sound

  • "Want to try something hard?" asks Ze Frank.  His sound-powered drawing toy produces some wacky results.  Low volume produces counterclockwise curves, medium volume goes straight, and high volume curves clockwise.  I’d love to see videos of people trying to use this thing.  (I’m letting it run in a team meeting, but voices are too faint to do much interesting.) [Via]
  • Johannes Kreidler fed Microsoft Songsmith with charts based on plunging stocks, deaths in Iraq, and other dismaying stats.  The results are kind of depressingly awesome. [Via]
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