February 21, 2009

New HDR camera, Lightroom tips

  • Ricoh’s new, compact CX1 camera offers “a dynamic range double shot mode.” This mode “takes two images in succession with different exposures and then combines them automatically to present the best of both images.” DPReview offers additional details. Very cool. It’s rare that I need much more than the 8MP offered by my slightly aged SLR, but I’d always like less noise and greater dynamic range. I’d love a future cam that could shoot high resolution when desired, but if necessary shoot with lower res/broader dynamic range. [Via Jerry Harris]
  • HDRsoft, makers of the popular Photomatix Pro, offer a Lightroom export plug-in. They’ve just posted a step-by-step tutorial showing how to send multiple images from LR to Photomatix for processing, then automatically pull the results back into your LR library. (Note the little “Next” arrow up top for navigating to subsequent pages.) [Via Tom Hogarty]
  • If you’re looking for a detailed primer on the whole topic of dynamic range, check out The Online Photographer’s thorough write-up.
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Cool Pixel Bender experiments, resources

  • The always inventive Mario Klingemann has created a pair of interesting pieces:
    • Feedback couples motion tracking with a Web cam + Pixel Bender. He’s uploaded a set of screenshots created with the app. (It makes me look like a bad hallucination out of Natural Born Killers.)
    • Passing By is a “meditative piece which uses copyright-free images from the Flickr Commons project to generate a never-repeating illusion.”
  • Lee Felarca does on-the-fly green-screening with your Web cam.
  • The new Pixel Bender Explorer AIR app that demonstrates how to apply PB animations & effects to your JavaScript-based AIR applications. [Via]
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