February 15, 2009

A Valentine’s treat: New baby PM

Terrific news: just after midnight on Valentine’s Day, one little Miles Lewis Hughes was born to mom Alex & dad (Photoshop PM) Bryan.  Congrats, guys!!  The wee man (photos one, two, and three) is doing great, and his birth weight was recorded as "One (1) MacBook Pro 17." :-)  Taking after the old man, Miles is keeping a list of proposed "Just Do It" tasks.  Early entries include Feed Me, Change Me, and Stop Jabbing Me In the Dang Heel.  The team can’t wait to meet him.

Posted by John Nack at 2:34 PM on February 15, 2009


  • hughes — 7:01 PM on February 15, 2009

    thanks so much for the kind words and giving me a great way to share our news with the world. oh…and thanks for the brownies, the gear and being on the scene hours after Miles’ arrival – hughes

  • Matthew Bice — 10:52 AM on February 16, 2009

    Congratulations Bryan! And congratulations Miles, you’re not a red-head!
    [Oh, but babies are wily little characters: Our dude came out with a jet-black ‘do, then promptly lost it all and replace it with platinum blonde. And if history is any guide, he may yet go dark again. Who can tell? –J.]

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