March 05, 2009

New Photoshop plug-in creates & edits true 3D text and more

I’m very excited to see that Electric Rain has released Swift3D PS, a plug-in that lets you create & edit 3D layers within Photoshop CS4 Extended. According to their site, top features let you:

  • Create, bevel and extrude 3D text from any font in seconds.
  • Quickly create extrusions and 3D lathe objects with a Bézier pen tool.
  • Extend Photoshop’s workflow with After Effects CS4 Live 3D view.
  • Import, extrude and bevel existing 2D vector artwork from Illustrator or Flash.
  • Simplify 3D scene creation with targeted cameras & lighting.

Because it works inside Photoshop, the plug-in taps into the power and flexibility of Photoshop’s 3D system. After extruding some text, for example, you can still apply Smart Filters in Photoshop, paint the surface of the letters, rotate them directly in PS, and send them back to the plug-in for further updates.

Very cool; I’ve been hoping to see something like this for a long time. Swift3D PS should make it much faster and easier to create popular 3D text effects (like this) & more.

Check out some screenshots, and peep these 3-minute tutorials to see the system in action. The plug-in (Windows only at the moment) is downloadable in trial form and sells for $149 (with a 15% off coupon available now).

Update: What the heck, here’s a sample video (3 minutes):

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