March 11, 2009

HDR panoramas demoed Thursday at SF PUG

“In just over 2 months,” reports Photoshop PM Zorana Gee, the San Francisco Photoshop User Group has “already gotten 380 members!” Tomorrow they’ll host a talk by photographer Lisa Yimm:

A photographer and VFX artist with a BFA in Photography, Lisa is the co-founder of HDR-VFX, based in Nyack, NY. Last year, she spent over 7 months on the road shooting HDR panorama-based virtual tours of Lexus Dealships across the US.

Things get underway at the Adobe SF office around 7pm. Here are the full details.

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New Illustrator team blog launches

I’m happy to see that the Illustrator team has launched Infinite Resolution, their new blog. On it they’re looking forward to “sharing knowledge about Illustrator and vector graphics in general as well as linking to and discussing some of the things we see going on in the world of vectors.” I’m expecting some good give-and-take between passionate customers & app-builders.

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Wednesday Illustrations: Super Mario, free textures, & more

  • I love this crafty little Super Mario riff from NYC.
  • Omid Sadri made himself some awesome multi-functional businesscards: “There are three different cards within the set. One which suggests to use portion a of the card as a dental floss, one for cleaning under nails, and one for chewing gum.”
  • I’m digging Paul Lee’s crazy characters & punchy palettes.
  • Speaking of punchy, check out the colors & images in Jimmy Roberts and Brian Christopher’s collaborative project Exquisite Corpse. [Via]
  • Free resources:
    • There’s a big free texture archive on Flickr. [Via]
    • Sketchory hosts more than a quarter million Creative Commons-licensed sketches. (You largely get what you pay for, of course.) [Via]
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