March 13, 2009

GridIron Flow saves Adobe designer’s bacon

A number of folks on Adobe’s internal design team have been putting the beta of GridIron Flow through its paces. Among other things, Flow can automatically version your files (much like Apple’s Time Machine, but continuously as you work and without relying on an external drive).
I just saw this comment from designer Cynthia Fong:

Yesterday, I accidently saved over a file that I didn’t want to, so I opened
it in FLOW and retrieved my previous version. SWEET!

I’ve always said that the beauty of Flow is that it’s like an airbag–totally unobtrusive unless and until you need it. The software does lots of other things, too, but I think its file protection features will be the first to pay off for most people. You can download the free beta from the GridIron site.
(For the record, I don’t have any formal tie to or vested interest in these guys. I just dig what they’re up to & would have loved it in my previous life as a Web designer. If I could somehow clone myself, I’d go work on Flow in addition to Photoshop.)
Tangentially related: my new 17″ MacBook Pro just arrived yesterday (yeah!), and Time Machine did its usual scary-good job of facilitating transfer from one machine to another. The fact that I have last week’s browser history on a machine that showed up yesterday is pretty amazing. (FWIW I’d previously hit a file permissions problem when backing up to my Drobo, but these steps from MacFixIt got me sorted out–and I didn’t even manage to nuke my hard drive via Terminal. Thanks, guys.)

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Great CGI storytelling

Here’s a little inspiration for your Friday. Filmmaker Bruce Branit has created World Builder, in which “a strange man builds a world using holographic tools for the woman he loves.” I’ve embedded it below, but it’s worth hitting the full-screen viewing button (next to the Vimeo logo).

This is how smooth and effortless I’d like Photoshop to feel.
Bruce was one half of the two-man team that produced the excellent 405: The Movie on their desktop computers back in 2000 (more info). Thanks to reader Cris DeRaud for the link.

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