March 24, 2009

New version control system for Photoshop

The folks at PixelNovel (whom I’ve mentioned previously for their FlickrShop & ComparePSD tools) have created Timeline–what appears to be a very cool Subversion-based version control system for Photoshop. As they describe it:

Timeline works as a Photoshop plug-in and features a unique user interface that allows you to always see the file’s history and save and get file versions without switching from the main Photoshop window. The plug-in is free of charge.

Together with the Photoshop plug-in the users get their own online space on the PixelNovel server.

One of the key features of the Timeline version control system is the web interface to your account. You (or your clients) can view all versions of your files online on any computer with Internet access, the comments for the versions, and also download individual versions in the PSD format.

This means that you can access your projects from anywhere in the world – either using Adobe Photoshop or any web browser.

As noted, the plug-in is free, and you pay for the service based on usage. I haven’t gotten to try it myself, but I like the idea, and the development team is eager to recruit beta testers. Check out their site for more info. [Via Anatoly Paraev]

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Stop-Motion Photoshop

Heh–now this you don’t see every day: a pen & paper simulation of working in Photoshop:

The video was created by 15-year-old Josh Sunshine with a little assist from padre/Photoshop author David Asch (who used Photoshop Extended to color-correct the piece).
Man, thank goodness none of this stuff was available when I was younger. I’d probably still be holed up in my parents’ den!

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