March 30, 2009

Electric Rain finds success with Configurator

“Goodbye seven-click, menu-driven plug-in launch…hello single-click access to 3D joy.” I’m really glad to see that Electric Rain has enhanced the usability of their Swift 3D.PS 3D plug-in for Photoshop by leveraging Flash panels & Adobe Configurator. On their site they posted a detailed overview of the panel creation process and benefits. Good stuff, guys.
Speaking of Configurator, thanks to all the folks who attended the Photoshop extensibility sessions that Jeff Tranberry, Tom Ruark, and I presented last week at Photoshop World. By popular demand Jeff has posted his slides alongside lots of other detailed notes on panel creation. More ambitious Configurator users will want to check out his notes on combining scripts with Configurator panels, including some details on how to package up external files using Extension Manager.

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CS4 improves pressure sensitivity handling

In the comments section of my post about the Wacom Intuos4, I noticed an interesting comment from brushing engineer Jerry Harris:

If you are holding out on that CS4 upgrade, this tablet might entice you to reconsider. The Photoshop code that interacts with tablets had a great deal of elbow grease applied to it. The result is improved quality at the beginning and end of strokes, as well as improved response to pressure. PS now preserves pressure beyond 8-bit throughout the painting code, whereas before CS4, only 256 levels (8-bits) made its way to this code. This should be more evident when working in 16-bit layers where subtle buildup can occur in the buffers used during painting.

I need to add this point to the list of small-but-important enhancements listed in “CS4: Sweating the Details.”

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