March 09, 2009

Come speak at MAX in October

The Adobe MAX conference is already starting to take shape for this fall (Oct. 4-7 in Los Angeles), and the organizers are looking for good speakers. I’m told that the proposals are pretty geek-heavy so far (lots of emphasis on tools, how-tos, etc.), and we’d like to get more folks talking about their work & creative processes.
Check out Ted Patrick’s call for sessions & labs proposals for more info. And for inspiration, check out some of the presentations from MAX 2008.

Posted by John Nack at 2:46 PM on March 09, 2009


  • Daemon — 6:55 AM on March 10, 2009

    Hmpf. I’ll be honest, as much as i like Adobe (tattoo be my witness) talking about tools is not so good idea. Since i am in website creation business, mostly, talking about how i use Photoshop in order to create useful, beautiful, organized, intuitive, [insert word here], website is kinda pointless. The concepts, ideas, and problem solving – that is what i would like to talk about and hear about. You will never see an architect talk about pencil that he used to draw a building. He will talk about how he architected (is that a word?) building so it is efficient, requires less energy on heating/cooling etc…
    Adobe is really good company, and i cannot talk enough words of praise about it, but in the end, Adobe just provides tools that we use to create something. And tools themselves rarely solve problems. I agree, CS4 is awesome package, but most of what that TOOL offers was available before only in some more complicated and time-waster form.
    What i would like to hear at MAX is not how to use History Brush in Photoshop, rather how to solve problems of modern digital age production.

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