April 11, 2009

Adobe podcasts, sober & otherwise

Not long ago, I was snatched off my bike, thrown in the back of a dirty Econoline van (is there any other kind?), and taken to the undisclosed location of Martini Hour, the imbibing-positive podcast featuring long-time Photoshop expert Deke McClelland & editor Colleen Wheeler. Over the course of a half hour or so, we talk about sidecars (.XMP & otherwise), “the labyrinthian nature of Photoshop” (not in the David Bowie/Muppet-sense), Eyes Wide Shut, and more.

Here are the regular & high quality versions of the file.

Elsewhere, photographer & author Derrick Story sat down with the man who oversees Photoshop & Lightroom engineering:

The perfect blend for a Photoshop discussion: an expert who oversees the Photoshop engineering team, and who is a photographer too. Meet Winston Hendrickson, Sr. Director, Engineering, Digital Media, forAdobe.

During this chat in a conference room at Adobe headquarters, Winston and I talk about what’s happening under the hood for Bridge, ACR, and Photoshop. He explains lots of goodies such as, the difference between the Lightroom and Bridge “databases,” the similarities between the Develop module in Lightroom and the sliders in ACR, improvements in Photoshop, and some great lesser-known features such as Camera Profiles. Terrific, informative interview.

The chat, downloadable directly here, runs 29 minutes.

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