April 12, 2009

Suggestions for making feature requests

Developer Garrett Dimon has posted a nice set of suggestions for making feature requests. None of them are likely to come as a surprise, but it’s still a good refresher of things to bear in mind.
I mention this, by the way, not just as someone on the receiving end of feature requests, but as one who frequently makes them. Working with other teams at Adobe, we frequently pass along what we’ve heard from customers plus our own ideas for other products. Interacting with teams like Flash Player, I have to remember that they’re just as overwhelmed with good suggestions as we are on Photoshop, and that everyone comes to them asking for “just this one thing.”
Before I came to Adobe, I’d frequently craft suggestions for Adobe, Macromedia, and other companies. (In fact, I think they hired me in part to say, “Okay, smart guy–let’s see *you* do it!”) Garrett’s suggestions ring true in my experience. [Via]
[Update: I meant to mentione that the Acrobat.com team has kicked off ideas.acrobat.com to help gather community feedback & conduct discussions. We’re thinking about similar options for Photoshop. –J.]

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