April 16, 2009

Remaindered Links, Vol. 1

I obviously scan a ton of content in order to create this blog, and rather than just spray random links, I like to group them & add a little context. The process consumes more time than you’d think, though, and I’ve managed to rack up hundreds of links that just haven’t fit into other posts. Therefore, being on vacation this week, I’m clearing out a bunch of old, random, potentially interesting stuff that would otherwise go unmentioned.

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Funky error messages o’ the day

Check out what Daring Fireball calls the “Jedi Mind Trick Error Dialog in Dreamweaver.” I have to smile a little thinking about similar alerts that could pop up from time to time: “Photoshop is not messing with picutres of your exes. Nope, don’t know where you heard that. [OK]*”
Elsewhere, I just stumbled upon this old weirdness in the bowels of my hard drive. It’s a screenshot I took ~15 years ago, squirreled away, and forgot until now. Props to that old developer for having a sense of humor.
* Absolutely tangential, and in no way work-related, but tied to the “don’t sweat it vibe”: Peter Bjorn & John’s “Nothing To Worry About” video.

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