April 24, 2009

3D Invigorator comes to Photoshop

At NAB this week I got to chat with Zax Dow, creator of the new 3D Invigorator plug-in for Photoshop. The tool is based on Zaxwerks’ mature 3D Invigorator for After Effects. According to the company,

3D Invigorator for Photoshop allows you to create complex 3D objects using Adobe Illustrator files and fonts. You can easily model 3D objects based on the vector files, adding depth, bevels, and other 3D features. The drag and drop materials makes it simple to apply reflective, transparent, or bump mapped textures to your objects. You can combine textures, adjust the position of the textures, and add multiple lights to give every 3D object a different look.

Although the plug-in doesn’t (yet) create native 3D layers in Photoshop, it works with Smart Objects, meaning you can go back and modify 3D geometry, lighting, etc. The tool costs $199, supports Photoshop CS2-CS4 on Mac & Windows, and is available for download as a tryout from Digital Anarchy’s site.

Tangentially related: Corey Barker of NAPP points out that Archive3D.net “offers an enormous collection of free 3D models in a number of different categories.”

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Multitouch coolness o’ the day: WiiSpray.com

I don’t have a lot of background on the project, but WiiSpray.com–using a Nintendo Wii controller + Flash to enable collaborative graffiti painting–caught my eye:

The site is light on info, but you can see a few photos of the spray can controller. I particularly like the idea of controlling a stencil with one hand while spraying paint with the other.
Previously in a similar vein:

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