May 01, 2009

Illustrator 1.0 – The complete video

Last year I uploaded the first ten or so minutes of the instructional video that accompanied Illustrator 1.0, hosted by Adobe co-founder/Illustrator developer John Warnock. I received some requests for the full recording, and now Adobe evangelist Rufus Deuchler has tuned up the audio & posted the entire video, split into five segments.

Seeing the video, and remembering that Dr. Warnock was (as I recall) one of just four names on the Illustrator splash screen, I can’t help but think of videos posted now by the developers/founders/executives/chief bottle-washers of various Twitter-related startups. (Here’s a good one for Birdhouse.) 20 years from now, will we be passing around one of these links, remembering when so-and-so got her start?

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Bert Monroy speaking to SF PUG May 14

Master digital painter Bert Monroy will be presenting his work & techniques at the San Francisco Photoshop User Group meeting May 14. In addition to showing his traditional 2D methods,

Bert will also show new exciting 3D workflows for creative designers who want to learn about Photoshop CS4 Extended’s 3D capabilities. There are many simple 3D effects one can use for many different creative outputs that many people aren’t aware of and Bert will wow us with these techniques.

I caught Bert’s presentation on the topic at Photoshop World & can vouch for the strong audience reaction. Check out the SF PUG event page for complete details. [Via Jeff Tranberry]

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