May 17, 2009

Blog server update seems to be working

The fact that you’re reading this text indicates that this weekend’s blog server upgrade has gone according to plan. If you experience any weirdness (e.g. problems posting comments), please drop me a line (jnack at adobe); thanks.

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Photoshop engineers talk GPU: Birds, biplanes, mules, & more

A couple of senior Photoshop engineers have offered sometimes colorful perspectives on the challenges inherent in tapping into graphics processors’ great potential.

  • TGDaily spoke to Photoshop architect Russell Williams and me about Photoshop and the GPU. To illustrate the bottleneck of reading data back from the GPU, Russell “compared this scenario to a company that would like to print local papers in San Jose, but decides to go with a printer in New York. ‘You will have to fly the data to New York, and it’s returned on a bi-plane.'”
  • Imaging Resource conducted a similarly themed interview with Jerry Harris. “It’s hard to actually achieve that theoretical goal when running in parallel,” he said. “So it’s sort of like working with a bunch of mules. You might work with two of them but four or five, forget it. They don’t want to behave. Where a GPU is more like a stream of fish you see in the ocean or a flock of birds. They just seem to do better with more of them. More naturally suited.”

PS: I should reiterate that we’re quite actively engaged with the GPU makers. We’re working together to tune both the hardware & the software sides of the equation, and I see encouraging signs.

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