May 19, 2009

“Ask A Photoshop PM”

For years now The Onion has been running their “Ask A {So-And-So}” series of articles (e.g. “Ask A Navy SEAL“), in which a bizarre choice for an advice columnist replies to every inquiry with complete non-sequiturs. Last night my fellow PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes asked me a family-related question that I somehow turned into a discussion of a planned Photoshop feature. “You know,” he said, “this whole thread is straight from the Onion’s ‘Ask a Photoshop Product Manager'”:

Dear PS PM, I’m having trouble choosing a good gift for Valentine’s Day. I just want to do something special for my boyfriend. Do you have any ideas?

PS PM: So, you want to start through Camera Raw or Lightroom, making sure you’re converting to DNG. I really recommend that you preserve the fidelity of your image’s 16-bit data and embrace a Smart Object workflow….once in Photoshop….

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Worldwide Photowalks, live online retouching

Brief notes on upcoming events:

  • Scott Kelby & his crew have announced their Second Annual Worldwide Photowalk. The event is set for Saturday, July 18th, and plenty of details are on the site, including a list of the ~200 cities already signed up. Check out Scott’s brief FAQ for more.
  • is launching RetouchPRO LIVE, a two hour real-time retouching demonstration and Q/A event. Chris Tarantino is slated to present the first installment on Wednesday, May 27, at 8pm CDT (0200 GMT on the 28th). Doug Nelson of RetouchPro writes “Tickets are only $10, and attendees will watch Chris Tarantino do a beauty retouch in real time using PS CS4. I’ll be along as host and interviewer. If there’s enough time afterwards, Chris will answer questions from the audience about his technique or working as a professional retoucher.”
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