June 01, 2009

Image science radness o’ the day

“This is your Healing Brush.
“This is your Content-Aware Scaling.

“*This* is your Healing Brush & Content-Aware Scaling on (really good) drugs…”

Adobe researchers Eli Shechtman & Dan Goldman, working together with Prof. Adam Finkelstein from Princeton & PhD student Connelly Barnes, have introduced PatchMatch, “A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing.”

No, I wouldn’t know a randomized correspondence algorithm for structural image editing if it bit me on the butt, either, but just check out the very cool video demo. More details are in the paper (one of the 17 papers featuring Adobe collaboration presented at SIGGRAPH this year).

So, what do you think? [Via]

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Flash Catalyst now on Labs; free training available

If you want to turn Photoshop & Illustrator designs into interactive compositions quickly, without coding, Adobe Flash Catalyst is designed for you. Catalyst imports PSD, AI, and Fireworks PNG files, then lets you assign behaviors including animations & 3D effects. A beta of the app is now available for download from Adobe Labs.

To get up to speed quickly, check out Mordy Golding’s free Flash Catalyst Beta Preview video training course. It’s an hour of solid material broken into task-oriented pieces, covering everything from designing in Photoshop to publishing your output. (Props to Mordy & the Lynda.com team for making this great resource available for free!)

Alongside Flash Catalyst, Adobe Labs is hosting public beta releases of Adobe Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder) and the Flex 4 Framework. Here’s the official blurb:

Flash Builder 4 is the next evolution of Flex Builder, and includes a long list of feature improvements, new data-centric development features, and a new design-develop workflow with Flash Catalyst. Flash Catalyst, also now available in public beta, is a new interaction design tool for rapidly building application user interfaces without coding. Both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst are based on the updated Flex 4 framework, also available for beta download.

Check it all out on Labs.

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