June 13, 2009

The Photoshop Marketplace is live

Adobe has just launched the Photoshop Marketplace, designed to offer the most up-to-date listing of Photoshop resources–everything from plug-ins & books to communities & events.

According to the site, Marketplace:

  • Allows you to discover a variety of companies, products, services, events, and communities related to Photoshop
  • Provides information about each offering, including number of click-throughs, ratings, reviews, and comments
  • Enables you to share an offering with a friend directly from Photoshop Marketplace
  • Gives you various ways to browse and search for offerings
  • Enables you to rate and review offerings
  • Offers easy access to updates via RSS feeds

Anyone can publish information about solutions related to Photoshop, including details about events, hardware, software, training (for example, books or DVDs), communities, etc. For more info, click on the “Become a Publisher” box on the main page. (The site admin suggests reading through that section in the FAQ.) [Via Allison Goffman]

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Unintended humor

Occasionally I have to laugh at–not with–the comments I receive here. This week’s gem:

can i have the full version of adobe photoshop cs4 for free,cause this is our business that’s why i need it.

Wow, that’s awesome. It’s for your business? Well, coming right up, then!

Coincidentally, from the “having no concept of/respect for others’ intellectual property” department, reader Torben Brams passed along this little gem.

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