June 19, 2009

JDI survey miscellany

I continue to read through the 500 (!) or so free-form survey responses to our JDI query, and as I do so I’m picking out items to which I can reply:

  1. “Please fix the functionality with Exposé + Spaces under OS X!”
    • We work closely with Apple on these issues, and my understanding is that we’ve done what we can from our side. Exposé has certain limitations (e.g. it can’t tile tabbed windows; note the behavior with Safari or Firefox), and Apple is only going to do a limited amount to make Spaces work with Carbon-based apps. Hopefully things will improve as Photoshop migrates to Cocoa.
  2. “Allow Save and Open windows to have independent histories.”
    • Good suggestion. In the meantime, if you’re on OS X and aren’t using Default Folder, I think you’re kind of insane. Hitting Opt-up/down arrows to move among recently used folders is second nature to me, to the point that I can’t believe it’s not on every Mac. As for Windows, I know I’ve used similar utilities in the past, but I don’t know any names offhand. (Suggestions welcome.)
  3. “Should be able to set up a grid of guides based off of pre-entered values so you don’t have to drag out 100 of them by hand.”
    • Check out the GridMaker panel. Maybe this is the sort of thing we should include in the box (polished up, naturally). The advantage of shipping some features as scripts/Flash panels is that others can modify/extend them as needed.

Thanks for all the excellent feedback. The team accomplished a great deal last week, and we look forward to sharing more details soon.

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Why it’s worth registering your software

Short story: It’s a free information backup that can help us help you later.
People periodically send me all kinds of customer service-oriented questions (inquiries about pricing, upgrade eligibility, lost discs, etc.). I do my best to get these things sorted out, and often the customer service folks need to ask for proof of ownership. Even if you’re twice as organized as I am, digging up a receipt or credit card record from several years back can be difficult, if not impossible.
Things tend to go much more smoothly if you’ve first registered your software with Adobe, as you serial number & other info are then on file. You’re ensuring that your proof of ownership doesn’t get lost.
Oh, and you tend to get some nice freebies in the bargain. (Here’s what’s available when registering CS4.)

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