June 07, 2009

Monitor lust

(which I don’t mean as a complete, imperative sentence)

  • “Sharp has developed a full HD LCD panel that mixes the hue of each pixel from a palette of five colours rather than the usual three. The result, the company claimed, is the ability to render faithfully the colour space of the unaided human eye.” Each pixel “not only has the usual red, green and blue colour elements but also cyan and yellow sub-pixels too.” This news led to a long email discussion among Photoshop engineers about rods & cones, the Purkinje effect, the hard-wiring of mouse brains, and so on. (I’m not kidding, and it’s one of the reasons I love working on the team.) [Via Jerry Harris]
  • NEC’s huge CRV43 LCD display offers a gently curving, 43-inch, 2,880 x 900 resolution panel–for a mere $8,000. Looks really cool, though I’m surprised the resolution isn’t higher. (My 17″ MBP offers 30% more vertical resolution.) [Via]
Posted by John Nack at 7:28 AM on June 07, 2009


  • Jørn Støylen — 8:23 AM on June 07, 2009

    Speaking of lust … CRV43 is almost leet speak for “CRAVE”. Maybe they’re doing subliminal marketing?

  • Lucky — 10:38 AM on June 07, 2009

    900 pixels is not that bad. That’s what I have on my 15″ MBP and it’s pretty okay.
    [Yes, but for the money, you could buy my car plus another high-res monitor! (By the way: Please do buy my car. :-)) –J.]
    I wonder how would someone use that huge display rotated 90 degrees.

  • Steve Howard — 12:36 PM on June 07, 2009

    That NEC monitor has been on the cards for about 18 months
    If I ever see it in the flesh, I’m sure the resolution will be much higher.

  • Doug Nelson — 8:30 PM on June 07, 2009

    Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
    Removes the color from our site
    Red is gray and yellow, white
    But we decide which is right
    And which is an illusion
    [Now that’s just freakin’ weird. JUST AN HOUR AGO I was thinking of those lines, as I’d sent them to a friend a week or two ago. Weird. –J.]

  • Nat Brown — 4:26 AM on June 08, 2009

    Being a LABaholic, I sit up and say, “Could the Sharp mean another color space in PS’s future?” Or will it just all be driver stuff?
    [Thomas Knoll says that there is currently no OS-level support for non-RGB monitors, so I’m not sure what PS can do. –J.]

  • Jerry Harris — 6:33 AM on June 08, 2009

    4kx2k display from Computex.

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