July 17, 2009

Blog server updating; commenting offline

The blogging infrastructure folks are pushing another big update live this weekend, so my ability to post & your ability to comment are likely to be restricted for a while (up to 72 hours). I’ll post a note when things are supposed to be working properly.
I’m looking forward to using the new platform, and in particular to enabling threaded commenting (should be good for those spirited back-and-forth debates). We shall see.

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Buy CS4, save $400 on Adobe MAX

If you’re thinking of attending Adobe MAX this fall, know that you can save $400 off the price of admission by buying software through the Adobe.com online store. Check out the details.
[ Note: This discount applies only to purchases made in the US. I know that sucks for folks based elsewhere. From recent experience I can tell you that cross-border pricing, promotions, etc. have a way of becoming nightmarishly complex. ]

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(rt) Type: Clever logos, tiny letterpress, & more

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For those about to walk…

To all the 30,000+ (!) photographers signed up to go photowalking today, good luck, have fun, and happy shooting. I look forward to seeing all sorts of great imagery & hearing fun stories.
[Er, rats–I set this one to auto-publish a day early, and the walk is tomorrow. But have fun just the same!]

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